Another Satisfied Customer…


We don’t like to boast… But… Why not, when we can confirm that our customers are always 100% satisfied with our PDR services? Here’s one kind testimonial from another satisfied customer in High Wycombe:

When I returned to my car to find a dent in the bonnet, with no note of apology and offer to pay for the damage I knew to call Dr Dent instantly. Friends have raved about the miracles Dr Dent has performed for them with his paintless dent removal wizardry! Although at the time it didn’t really mean anything to me, until I needed their services.

The service received was first class – having assessed the damage initially via an emailed image, he came to my home and worked his magic and in minutes my bonnet looked as good as new. Super efficient paintless dent removal service at an extremely good price!! I cannot recommend Dr Dent’s paintless dent removal enough should you require their PDR services now or in the future.

Jennifer – High Wycombe

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