Seeing is Believing

BeforeIf you are currently looking to remove unsightly dents and dings from the body work of your car, look no further than Dr Dent, dent removal specialist in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

At Dr Dent, we are highly qualified in the skills of paintless dent removal, which means, as long as the paintwork of your car remains unbroken, we can remove it without the need for painting or filling.

Don’t take our word for it though. Why not take a look at the Dr Dent gallery to see the work we have carried out for our other customers or read the testimonials other customers have left us. We are confident, these real life examples will showcase our skills at removing dents of all sizes, minor or severe.

AfterDr Dent has years of experience removing dents using the PDR technique and provides a fast, friendly and convenient service. Our service is mobile, which means we come to you, be it at your place of work or home, at a time that suits you. For guaranteed satisfaction contact us today on 07999 112 112 for a free, no obligation quotation.

Yet More PDR Gratitude…

dent removalWe guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the Paintless Dent Removal service we provide, just to emphasise this we thought we would share the gratitude of another happy customer…

After searching Google for PDR companies, I came across the Dr Dent website. The comprehensive information contained within gave a good impression of the company but it was only after experiencing Adrian’s expertise that I realised that it was also accurate.

Adrian visited promptly, charged a very reasonable price (especially compared to some other quotes) and delivered a top class finish with the minimum of fuss. I still can’t quite believe the high quality result I’m left with. Dr Dent promises much and delivers more. I recommend this company without hesitation & if I need their paintless dent removal services in the future, they will be the only company I call.

Bob Yates

For guaranteed satisfaction call Dr Dent today on 07999 112 112 or email us at

Another Satisfied Customer…


We don’t like to boast… But… Why not, when we can confirm that our customers are always 100% satisfied with our PDR services? Here’s one kind testimonial from another satisfied customer in High Wycombe:

When I returned to my car to find a dent in the bonnet, with no note of apology and offer to pay for the damage I knew to call Dr Dent instantly. Friends have raved about the miracles Dr Dent has performed for them with his paintless dent removal wizardry! Although at the time it didn’t really mean anything to me, until I needed their services.

The service received was first class – having assessed the damage initially via an emailed image, he came to my home and worked his magic and in minutes my bonnet looked as good as new. Super efficient paintless dent removal service at an extremely good price!! I cannot recommend Dr Dent’s paintless dent removal enough should you require their PDR services now or in the future.

Jennifer – High Wycombe

For outstanding service and immaculate finish call us today on 07999 112 112 or email us at

10 Dentastic Facts about PDR

factsOur easy to understand, no jargon facts below are aimed at helping you make a decision about whether paintless dent removal is right for you!

  1. Paintless Dent Repair is also referred to as PDR
  2. PDR is a body repair technique for removing minor dents from the body of a vehicle, used as a cheaper alternative to conventional body repair
  3. The most common use of PDR is to repair hail damage, door dents and other minor creases. Generally, the shallower the dent the more likely paintless dent repair will be suitable
  4. PDR is most effective when:
    • The paint has not been broken or cracked
    • The dent is not on or near the edge of a panel
    • The panel has not previously been repaired
  5. PDR is usually less expensive than traditional repair as there are less steps involved  in the process than other repair processes
  6. Less materials are used and less time is required to repair damage using the PDR technique
  7. The PDR process is often quicker because there are less steps, vehicles are most often returned to customers on the same day
  8. Parts are not being painted with the PDR process making turnaround time quicker
  9. PDR is less invasive as less parts are disassembled and/or reassembled
  10. PDR repair does not mean a vehicle gets re-painted, therefore there is no need for paint matching to be a concern

So, if PDR sounds like the repair method you need, contact us today for a competitive, no obligation quote.

Avoid Playing the Claim Game

car insuranceEvery year you pay out extortionate amounts of money to insurance companies to safeguard yourself in the case of a car accident and you’re then asked for additional money to protect your no claims. Our customer experienced a great injustice at the hands of one of the UK’s biggest car insurance companies… don’t fall foul to the same treatment.

Mr Davies from Buckinghamshire, recently parked across the road from his house instead of on his drive, as dustbins blocked his path. This was unusual behaviour for Mr Davies, who usually would’ve moved the bins and parked on his driveway.

An hour later a lady knocked on his door having witnessed a man crash into Mr Davies’ parked car, dent his bumper and drive off. Thanks to modern technology a photo was taken and the number plate retrieved… Happy days, you’d think, Mr Davies could get the damage rectified at the cost of the other drivers insurance premiums.

WRONG! Us law abiding citizens usually end up paying the price. The man who drove away from the scene was not insured, meaning Mr Davies would lose his 8 years no claim bonus if he were to pursue his claim through his insurance company.

Luckily for Mr Davies, he avoided pursuing his claim and brought his car to Dr Dent – we specialise in paintless dent removal, we were able to fix the damage to his car at a fraction of the cost quoted by the garage used by the insurance company; sadly for Mr Davies, he had to foot the bill – but with his no claims bonus intact.

For a no obligation quote, contact Dr Dent today on 07999 112 112 - we offer a mobile, paintless dent removal service and guarantee you a service that’s fast, efficient and professional, while beating the cost of your local garage.