SMART Repair

Mirror Finish Smart Repairs MarlowSMART Repair is an abbreviation for Small to Medium Area Repair Technique.  At our body shop, Mirror Finish near Marlow, we offer SMART Repair, which is the best way of repairing the paintwork of new vehicles, while protecting their value. We take great pride in making every effort to match paint exactly to the current body colour to ensure a seamless repair job.

Mirror Finish Smart Repairs The concept of SMART repair was originally created for the provision of a quick, cost effective and eco-friendly solution for repairing cosmetic damage to motor vehicles. The processes, such as PDR, focus on repairing minor damage to the bodywork of a motor vehicle, without the need to replace or respray multiple panels.

Mirror Finish Smart RepairsUsing the latest technology, we ensure an immaculate repair and exact paint match, with SMART repair often proving a more effective choice for repairing your vehicle. For more information or a free, no obligation quotation contact us on 07999 112 112 or 07832 297 372.