Your Right to Choose Where you Fix your Car!

Don’t give insurance companies the choice when it comes to repairing your vehicle

Handwritten Insurance Claim Form with pen and calculatorInsurance companies are keen to organise car repairs at a body shop of their choice to keep expenses low, for their benefit of course. If you think about it this not only poses a risk to the validity of your vehicle’s warranty, it also is a cause for concern if you’re not familiar with the work of the allocated garage.

We want to put the record straight for you. Your car insurance company do not have the right to enforce you use a car repair shop suggested by them. A directive from the Office of Fair Trading, issued in 1993 validated that this was not the case, but many insurance companies avoid making their customers aware of their rights.

All repair shops should be able to manage your claim, saving you time and stress. In the case of paintless dent removal, we’d advise that you avoid going through your insurance company altogether as it’s often cheaper for you to come straight to us than pay the excess and suffer increased insurance premiums when it comes to renew your policy.

If you want to test us on this theory, contact us today for a FREE, no obligation quote!

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